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Stevens Point Christian Academy Alumni

Over the years, Stevens Point Christian Academy has graduated students that continue to pursue the purpose and plan for God in their lives.

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2017 Graduate
Grace Olson

How SPCA has helped you grow academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially:  This school is like no other.  Not only are the people very kind and compassionate, but you get an education that will better you for when you are faced with situations in the world. Academically, it challenges you to do your very best and tests you in ways public schools can’t. The curriculum is harder and makes you go beyond basic learning. It makes me do my very best and try my hardest because I want the best grades I can get. Spiritually, I love being in a school where the education is Christian based. I have definitely grown in my faith and love that I am surrounded by teachers and students who are supportive and share the same faith as me. Emotionally, I have been happier than ever because when I walk in school I don’t get judged on who I am and what I wear. Everyone says “Good morning” with smiles.  When you see your friends and the positivity that they have, how can you be mad. Lastly, socially this school has gotten me to open up more and be more social. I am able to be just me and not pretend to be someone I am not. This school has changed me for the better and has prepared me for what the future holds.

Grace will be attending UW-Stevens Point, pursuing a degree in elementary education. She wants to do mission work and share God's love with others.

2016 Graduate

Garrett Johnson

Valedictorian based on G.P.A. - Currently attending Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa, for a Two-Year Bible Program.


2015 Senior Graduates
Anania Rauwald - Valedictorian, plans to attend UW-Stevens Point and pursue a career in Theatre and Music. 
Mikayla Mallek - Salutatorian, graduated from Victory Bible College, Tulsa, OK majoring in Ministry. Attends Midstate Technical College as an intern and majoring in Marketing.  
Becca Szymanski - attends Pensacola Christian College, majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy.
Justin Milke - graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center, Tulsa, OK majoring in Worship Leading. 
Nicholas Worzella - attended Mid-State Technical College pursuing a career in Criminal Justice.  
2014 Senior Graduates 
Joe Holbrook - a musician to the core. Joe faithfully played his electric guitar in the Galaxy News Radio Band at SPCA. His dream is to pursue a career in music and he's well on his way being part of a local touring band. 
Nathan Mallek - attending the Forerunner Media institute in Kansas City, MO. Nathan loves media - all kinds and is pursuing a career in film and cinematography. While at SPCA he was involved in worship band as a acoustic guitarist and his church volunteer staff. Currently on staff at Refuge as the Creative Director. 
Arielle Harkabus - is undecided in her career plans but believes that college is a part of them. Her family moved to Nashville, TN after her gradation, so Ari followed them, pursuing her dreams in her new home. Arielle also served on the school worship band as a vocalist. 
Brianna Thomas - is enrolled at UW-Stevens Point in pursuit of a degree in the medical field. Brianna was a skilled volleyball player at SPCA and a great asset to the team. 
Kyle Johnson - the 2014 class valedictorian. Kyle was heavily involved in sports during his time at SPCA, making the all conference team in several sports as well as individual sports awards. He was involved in Student Council and also an integral part of the worship team not only at SPCA but his church's youth band. Kyle is pursuing a degree as a Physical Education teacher at UWSP.   
Drae Rauwald - spent many of his growing years at Good News Fellowship Church. He's currently serving on staff in our summer camp program with school age children. His future plans include attending UWSP. 
2013 Senior Graduates
Fayth Mai excels at all she puts her hands to. Fayth worked through her high school years at a restaurant in her hometown but is looking to pursuing a career working with autistic children. Fayth's graduation was marked with High Honors and she has proven that hard work and diligence pays off! She was married the summer of 2014 and she and her husband, Ryan are now part of a church plant in Madison, WI. 
Jimmy Joe Winger
Jimmy Joe Winger moved to Stevens Point from Missouri just as he entered his high school years. JJ has matured into a fine young man and helps people whenever he can. In the fall of 2013, he attended Liberty University in Virginia, pursuing a career with avionics. He's now back in Stevens Point, waiting for his next assignment from the Lord. In the meantime, he's serving on our facilities staff as well as working full-time. A blessing and a gift! 
Alexander Worzella
Alex has been at Stevens Point Christian Academy since his preschool years. Alex excels academically and has a heart for the Lord. He was a drummer in the school band and continues to play in his church's worship team. Alex intends to pursue training as a worship team musician. He is currently attending Northcentral Technical College pursuing an associate's degree in residential building construction.  
Janine Golla
Janine's goal includes furthering her education with a Marketing emphasis. She attends Mid-state Technical College. She has a strong work ethic and is also involved in ministry opportunities available to her through world missions. Attending SPCA from pre-K _ 12th grade, adding life to each class!
Amanda Sosinski
Amanda has a heart to worship God and senses a ministry call. After her July, 2012 wedding, she moved to Kansas City with her husband, also an SPCA Grad, Daniel Mallek. They are now an integral part of their church's Staff. Amanda also works in the financial arena in marketplace with a heart for prayer, worship and anything there is need to help with!
Daniel Mallek
Daniel Mallek - Owner of Mallek Media and Design, is pursuing a career in media. He is enrolled at the International House of Prayer University Forerunner Media Institute in Kansas City, MO. Daniel serves on the Good News Fellowship Church staff, assisting in oversight of the publications and media department. He has been involved on the worship team and youth band since he was 14 years old.
Evan Thedens
Evan currently serves in the United States Airforce in Security Forces. Attending SPCA in grades K-2, then being home-schooled, Evan chose his senior year to be completed at SPCA. Evan is a great communicator and has a personality that can reach the world!